After 2 major record deals, touring across the country and working with Juno and Grammy nominated artists, Singer/Songwriter/Composer/Producer, angel, has paid his dues.  angel is now setting the stage for the introduction of his newly founded company, “Invisible Werks Inc.”

Whether writing, composing, producing, performing, or creating visuals, developing a platform with true longevity and strength, is the motivation behind his company.

“One of the most memorable experiences of my journey, was having the opportunity to load and unload gear for a punk rock band I was blessed enough to meet. Being able to see and live the true meaning of hard work was very humbling.  It was this hard work that has given me the strong work ethic that I believe in,” angel reminisces.
A pioneer who challenges those in the music industry; from angel’s colleagues, the artists he works with, or the people making decisions about the music being played.  “I’ve sat in meetings with A&R’s, who were so afraid of losing their jobs, that they refused to push the button on product they knew had the potential to be successful.”   It is precisely these types of life long experiences and connections that have taught angel the business behind the music; and the wisdom to follow through with it.

angel….he lets the music speak for itself.