The Tales embody the warm sounds coming from a rowdy house party; a mix of the small town university atmosphere from which they’ve cut their teeth, and the big city aura of Toronto proper. Originally formed from the musical ambitions of brothers Max and Benny Fulton, as well as their high school friend Ben Dinsdale, the band quickly aligned with fellow Queens University based creators Sam Beber, and Matt Simpson, an eclectic cast that rounds off their unique writing with harmonica, keys, trumpets and soaring harmonies.

Combining the late night passions of early rock music with rich folk instrumentation and the lyrical influences of storied songwriters, The Tales have formed an homage to the profoundly bright places that raised them. Encapsulated in fuzzy and remarkable recordings, as well as a stirring and visceral live performance.

In 2019, they released their debut EP “Of Our Youth”, which was met with excited acclaim in the local scene, and matched by dozens of performances across club stages both at home and on campus. This prompted a partnership with The Management Trust, and a leap forward for a band on the cusp of a bright expansion.